Hellcat Durango Faces Mustangs and a Camaro Zl1 at the Drag Strip


A Dodge Hellcat Durango is not the first model that comes to mind when drag racing is mentioned, but that does not mean that it cannot do it. Furthermore, it does not mean that a visit to the quarter-mile strip will leave the owner disappointed. As you can see in the video below, a Hellcat Durango proves to be a capable machine.

The video’s uploader mentions that the said Durango is owned by American Muscle Performance. Unfortunately, there is no information on the mods that were undertaken to the example that is visible in the video embedded below.

As you can observe, the Hellcat Durango in the video ends the quarter-mile run at 135 mph (ca. 217 km/h) and 10.130 seconds. Another run, this time completed in 10.030 seconds, was ended at 137 mph (ca. 220 km/h).

With that in mind, it does not take long to realize that the same company built a nine-second Hellcat Durango, which made headlines this August. At the time, a white Hellcat Durango drove by Scott Boegler made a 9.996-second pass at the Palm Beach International Raceway.

Previously, when the said supercharged SUV was running 10-second passes at the drag strip, it was fitted with a ported blower snout, different upper and lower pulleys, a big bore throttle body, a cold air intake, bigger fuel injectors, and other mods to accommodate those mentioned above.

For comparison purposes, the quickest recorded Hellcat Durango completed the quarter-mile run in 9.996 seconds with a trap speed of 135.77 miles per hour (ca. 219 km/h), as Stellpower notes.

Unfortunately, the video below does not include an interview with the driver of the vehicle, so it is unclear if the fastest Hellcat Durango in the world is also the one showing up here.

These quarter-mile times prove that Dodge’s Hellcat Durango has great potential, and can be a 10-second car with carefully selected mods. Mind you, a 1000 horsepower Hellcat Durango exists, so that should say a few things about the capabilities of this platform.