Henrik Fisker Tweets the Ocean Received More Than 17,000 Pre-Orders So Far


Henrik Fisker seems to enjoy tweeting as much as some other company CEOs. He usually does that to update his followers about his company’s new EV. The Fisker Ocean promises to have a very affordable price in the US even without incentives. Scheduled to start production on November 17, 2022, the electric crossover would already have more than 17,000 reservations, according to Fisker.

The CEO not only shared the number: he also presented a graphic to show how these pre-orders are evolving. It was created not only with the dates for reservation increases but also with explanations for each of the small jumps.

The most significant leap in pre-orders seems to have happened right after it was presented at the CES 2020, but the truth is that the graphic is entirely out of scale. It shows the car had 466 reservations by December 2019, and they went to 916 in January 2020. However, the number 916 appears above the number 2,000 on the left scale, which represents the pre-order figures.

Each time there is something important for the company, such as the SPAC merger announcement or the announcement of the Magna partnership, reservations grow on average 2,000 units. Weirdly, the graphic says that Magna signed its definitive agreement with Fisker on December 17, 2020. Yet, we have published that the final deal was signed on June 17, 2021.

Reservations keep coming in everyday!! #fiskerocean ! #Fisker #Love #EVs #4WD #ESG pic.twitter.com/U7ihRMtT7d

— Henrik Fisker (@henrikfisker) June 29, 2021 Another curious bit of the graphic is Fisker saying that its MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Foxconn for the project PEAR helped increase pre-orders for the Ocean. Although it could have helped people feel more trust that the Fisker Ocean will be delivered on time, the deals are almost independent. Magna could give up making the Ocean, and the PEAR could still proceed, for example.

For an affordable EV, the reservation numbers can be considered relatively low. Tesla had much higher numbers for the Model 3 and the Cybertruck. Rivian – which sells much more expensive products – had 30,000 pre-orders one year ago. It seems most customers are cautious about Fisker, possibly due to what happened with the Karma: if things go well and the company delivers a compelling product with the Ocean, things may look brighter for the company.