Here’s More Proof Using Android Auto with Voice Commands Isn’t Easy


Voice commands are without a doubt an essential part of the Android Auto experience, and this happens for a very good reason.

Users are supposed to keep their eyes on the road during their whole time behind the wheel, so by looking at the screen in their cars and interacting with it, the level of distraction increases substantially, causing all kinds of other risks we won’t be talking about right now.

So clearly, using voice commands to configure the navigation app, play some music, or make a phone call is the right way to do all these things.

But on the other hand, many Android Auto users found out the hard way that in some cases, turning to voice commands even for sending a message isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Most recently, users have reported (and Google has already acknowledged it) a problem when trying to reply to a message on Android Auto. Every time Google Assistant asks “what’s the message” to reply in a conversation, its very own response is added to the phrase provided by the user.

So in other words, if you want to tell your wife something like “I’ll be home in five,” the message Google Assistant sends is “What’s the message? I’ll be home in five.”

This uncanny problem on Android Auto is currently under investigation, but Google is yet to come up with an ETA as to when a fix could get the go-ahead. So the only things you can try right now are the generic fixes that include clearing the cache and the data, downgrading the Google app powering Google Assistant to a previous version, or just use voice commands with this awkward bug.

In some cases, however, users claim that their messages aren’t even sent, as Google Assistant simply closes, returning to the home screen or the running app right after it’s provided with a response as part of the conversation.