Here’s the First Tattoo-Inspired Indian Motorcycle Chief Design


Indian Motorcycle and No Regrets Tattoo Studios promised us three cool, artsy, tattoo-inspired designs for the 2022 Indian Chief Motorcycle. Now the first one has been unveiled and we like what we see.

The first design to be revealed, even though just in CGI (computer-generated imagery) for now was the one created by Australian tattoo artist Mayonaize, one of the three headline artists to work on the Chief bikes. We’ll also be presented with the other artworks over the next three months.

Mayonaize is renowned for his bold, calligraphic script designs with a unique visual style, as explained by Indian Motorcycle. He is also a talented painter, with his artworks ranging from street art to large-scale murals. But in addition to being a world-renowned artist, the Australian (who was in fact born in New Zeeland) is also passionate about motorcycles and he owns three bikes.

The tattooist explained his design process, underlining the importance of following the lines and flow of the bike’s body. He strived to emphasize the parts that are the most interesting and visible on the motorcycle, such as the tank and fenders. Before being photographed and rendered on the tank and fenders, the design was first hand-painted on large-scale templates.

While it is only available in digital format for now, the Mayonaize design will be applied to a real Indian Motorcycle Chief this fall.

The other two tattoo artists to take part in Indian Motorcycle’s project are Shige and Carlos Torres.

Indian Motorcycle and No Regrets give people the chance to win a Chief bike customized by Mayonaize in a competition that also offers a two-day trip to London, all expenses included. Participants will get the opportunity to attend a rooftop party, live tattoo sessions, and more. The entire experience is worth more than $55,000.