Here’s “Warlord,” the 6×6 Ram 1500 TRX You’ll Want Right Now If You Have $250k


Now, we’re not entirely sure if that marketing stunt managed to nail the home run – considering it was all for a good deed, not selling big 6×6 trucks. But, after putting on the market Jeep-based vehicles like the Hellfire, Doomsday, or Sinister 6, it’s probably a good time for the company to unveil its fourth “horsemen” … who is also on six wheels.

This time around, Apocalypse Manufacturing is targeting a different kind of customer. It’s the one that didn’t manage to snatch a Hennessey Mammoth 6×6 (although the Texas-based tuner does claim there’s still one example left out in the open). Or the one that doesn’t mind playing with the same 702 horsepower and 650 lb-ft (881 Nm) because putting a six-wheel-drive system and a 1,200-hp Hellephant V8 on the same vehicle might sound like overkill.

Or, perhaps, it’s the one that doesn’t mind shelling out a little more for the unconventional build, considering that Apocalypse’s Warlord 2021 Ram 1500 TRX 6×6 costs from $250k, whereas the previous Jeep-based trio comes with pricing that kicks off at $150k (with a turbo diesel engine).

Interestingly, switching the Hellfire, Doomsday, and Sinister 6 to gasoline will include the choice of going for a Corvette LS3 or the 707-hp Hellcat engines (for $175k and $195k, respectively), so the new Warlord does have some internal competition as far as we’re concerned.

Anyways, back to the new Ram TRX 6×6 build, the truck gets a proprietary middle axle that comes with another couple of wheels – the 18-inchers are both powered and shod in mighty 37-inch all-mud-terrain tires. And not just for bragging rights, but also in case of necessity, there’s also the seventh wheel mounted way up high on the truck bed.

According to Joseph Ghattas, who’s on multiple duty (owner, engineer, head designer) at Apocalypse, the handcrafted middle axle doesn’t come alone, as there’s also a modified custom frame “created by using bigger, beefier quarter-inch-thick steel.”