High-Performance Electric SUVs to Conquer Sardinia in Upcoming Extreme E Race


The Formula E series took the racing world by storm, and the Extreme E series is taking things to the next level. This unique competition makes high-performance, electric SUVs race against each other in some of the most challenging road conditions possible.

Nine teams with a 50/50 representation of male and female drivers truly put their personal skills to the test, because in terms of equipment, it’s the same for everybody: the specially-developed Odyssey 21 SUV, the same battery (developed by the company who provided batteries for the ABB FIA Formula E Championship), and the same tires (developed by Continental).

So far, the Extreme E drivers had to tackle the desert in Saudi Arabia (in April), a mix of sand and seawater in Senegal (in May), and the rocky terrain of Greenland (in August). Now, it’s time for the Mediterranean coastline. The next race will take place on October 23, in Sardinia, and the RMS Saint Helena has already delivered the electric SUVs to their destination.

Since this unique event is unfolding all around the world, a ship was needed in order to transport the competitors, the vehicles and all the additional equipment, to each location. A former Royal Mail ship, Saint Helena underwent a multi-million euro retrofit, and it now features a state-of-the-art garage, plus a central hub for all the logistics and operations.

As one of the Extreme E founding partners, Continental is playing an important part in the event, and the custom ultra-high-performance CrossContact LX tires were specifically designed to improve traction and stability on virtually any surface, including the most challenging ones.

After the Island X Prix in Sardinia, the Extreme E series will move to Dorset, UK, for the final season of the competition, scheduled for December 18-19, 2021.