Honda and Acura’s Navigation Systems Show 20-Year Old Dates, No Solution Avaialble Yet


Some of the Honda and Acura owners face an unusual problem with their navigation systems, which are showing an incorrect time and date, and no solution to correct that. We all waited for New Year’s Eve and looked happy at how the date changed from 2021 to 2022. But not some of the Honda and Acura owners, who witnessed a time-lapse and slipped from 2021 to 2002. Moreover, they cannot manually adjust their cars’ dates, and it means that they are automatically sent back to the times when Alicia Keys’ “Fallin” was a big hit. Reports say that cars as old as 2004 from both brands suffer from this glitch, which should be normal since both share the same navigation systems. On the forum, users started to post pictures of the dates shown on their cars’ navigation displays. One user said, “I called into Honda HQ… after a bunch of hold time and distractions… they admitted this is a thing in all Hondas with in-dash Nav. They have no current solution. Speaking VERY quickly, the agent said it could be August of 2022 before it is solved. In the meantime, our cars will continually reset themselves to 2002. I interrupted her, and asked her to say it again slowly, and she wouldn’t. There was then a whole bunch of puffy doublespeak that basically meant they have NO CLUE *** happened.” A similar problem happened with Honda Pilot owners five years ago, but that problem was solved later on with an update. But, for the time being, looks like Honda cannot solve this issue yet even though it affects much more vehicles than before. Moreover, they can’t even rely on the time displayed on the navigation system since it resets every time they start their cars. Strangely, some users from Canada noticed that the clocks are resetting to 4:00 and others to 5:00. So, if you have issues with your Honda’s navigation system, please let us know in the comment section below and tell us if it is the first time you are facing this problem.