Honda HR-V, CR-V and Accord prices rise by up to $2000


The Honda HR-V hybrid has been hit with a $2000 price rise, alongside cost increases for other models – but existing orders are protected at the previous RRPs.

Alex Misoyannis

Honda Australia has increased prices across three of its four models by between $100 and $2000 – but buyers who signed on the dotted line before 1 August 2022 will be “price protected” and the original RRPs will be honoured.

From this month, prices across 10 of the 13 Honda model grades in the HR-V small SUV, CR-V mid-size SUV and Accord mid-size sedan have risen in price, due to “current market conditions”.

Hardest hit is the HR-V e:HEV L hybrid, which received a $2000 price increase from $45,000 to $47,000 drive-away – after arriving in showrooms in April.

Meanwhile, the Accord VTi-LX petrol has risen by $500, to $57,900 drive-away – one month after the hybrid version was hit with a $1500 price increase, to $61,900 drive-away.

Hybrid versions of the HR-V and Accord are facing wait times of about 10 months, a Honda Australia spokesperson told Drive, due to a “build-up of customer orders”.

Prices of the CR-V mid-size SUV, have risen by between $100 and $300 for August depending on model grade. This compounds earlier increases of similar amounts – though no variant is more than $800 dearer than it was when Honda Australia adopted fixed prices last July.

While prices have risen, Honda Australia says customers who signed a contract prior to 1 August 2022 will be protected from the price rises – even though models such as the HR-V and Accord hybrids may not be delivered until mid-2023.

“A number of models/grades in the Honda line-up received pricing adjustments as of August 1, which are reflective of the current market conditions, with demand continuing to exceed forecast production levels and the global supply chain continuing to be impacted by parts shortages, rising raw material and energy prices, and other logistics challenges,” Honda Australia said in a media statement.

“Honda’s price protection policy will apply to any contracts signed prior to the change, where the vehicle is yet to be delivered. This means there will be no change for customers who signed a contract prior to August 1 – the drive-away price will remain unchanged at the pre-price-rise level.

“With a build-up of customer orders resulting in extended lead times on a number of vehicles, such as HR-V hybrid and Accord hybrid (both currently at 10 months), [some of] the recent price changes would only come into effect on vehicles to be delivered well into 2023.”


The Honda Civic hatch continues to be priced from $47,200 drive-away, with no changes to its price applied since it went on sale in December 2021. The HR-V Vi X petrol – as well as the CR-V VTi 7 +Luxe special edition – are not affected by the August price rises.

The price rises for Accord, CR-V and HR-V – as well as Accord Hybrid last month – represent the first major price increases since Honda Australia adopted a fixed-price “agency” business model on 1 July 2021.

2022 Honda HR-V Australian pricing

  • HR-V Vi X – $36,700 (unchanged)
  • HR-V e:HEV L – $47,000 (up $2000)

2022 Honda CR-V Australian pricing

  • CR-V Vi five-seater – $35,900 (up $300)
  • CR-V VTi five-seater – $38,900 (up $100)
  • CR-V VTi 7 seven-seater – $40,900 (up $200)
  • CR-V VTi X five-seater – $41,900 (up $200)
  • CR-V VTi 7 +Luxe seven-seater – $43,700 (unchanged)
  • CR-V Black Edition five-seater – $44,900 (up $200)
  • CR-V VTi L AWD five-seater – $46,200 (up $200)
  • CR-V VTi L7 seven-seater – $49,500 (up $300)
  • CR-V VTi LX AWD five-seater – $53,600 (up $200)

2022 Honda Accord Australian pricing

  • Accord VTi-LX petrol – $57,900 (up $500)
  • Accord VTi-LX hybrid – $61,900 (unchanged)

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