Honda Insurance Plus plan upgraded with more benefits


Although insurance coverage for your motor vehicle is compulsory if you want to use it on public roads, the business is competitive and insurance companies offer all sorts of extra benefits if you buy a policy from them. However, one of the best for motorists would be the insurance coverage offered by the car company that sold them their new vehicle. Not all companies do this and it is not their line of business, but they work with their panel of insurance companies to offer their customers the best possible package.

The Honda Insurance Plus (HiP) plan is an example. Introduced in 2002, it is exclusively for Honda owners and provides comprehensive protection and coverage. Working with its panel of 8 insurance companies, Honda Malaysia recently enhanced the HiP package to offer Rescue, Protection and Savings.

“As a car owner myself, I understand the importance of having the peace of mind knowing that my passengers and I are well-protected throughout the ownership of the car,” said Honda Malaysia’s Managing Director &

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