Honda S2000-TSX Hybrid Looks Like a Japanese BMW Z3M


One of my close friends is an interior designer. Last year, for his birthday, I gave him a rather special present. It’s called “The Car Book: The Definitive Visual History”, and it features over 2,000 vehicles in it. For over a century now we’ve seen some impressive design cues on both production vehicles and concepts alike.

Even so, I’m sure we’ve yet to reach the limits of human creativity. And virtual artists these days can come up with dozens of designs just by spending some time in front of their computers. I’m not sure if corporate employees will ever take into account the ideas that are being thrown around in small online communities. But even if we’re never going to see some of these renderings make it onto the streets, it’s still exciting to think about possibilities.

The Honda S2000 is one of my all-time favorite sports cars. But, as with any other sports car, it does have its downsides. It can only seat two people, and there’s not that much space for luggage if you plan on going on an extended vacation. But thanks to the Internet, we get to see a vision of how a more practical S2000 would have looked like. Borrowing elements from an Acura TSX Sport Wagon, the Honda TS2000X is born.

Looking at this rendering, we can’t help but think of the BMW Z3M. Some hated the way that car looks, but some love it just as much. Some people have named it the “Clown Shoe” and it didn’t take long for a user to use that same name for the TS2000X. Granted, the final iteration of the Z3M did have more power than an S2000. But then again, this TS2000X does look a lot roomier, especially if it could seat 2+2 people in total.