Hymer’s Off-Road and Off-Grid Grand Canyon S CrossOver Van Can Be Tamed for $130K


Folks, one of the leading names in motorhomes and camper vans, is and has been, since 1957, Hymer. There’s no doubt you’ve seen a Hymer vehicle on the road during your travels, but it’s possible you just didn’t notice or thought they might be some new Airstream or Winnebago RV.

With over 300 Hymer dealers and partners worldwide, chances are that an image of a Hymer is floating around in your subconscious. But to have a solid idea of how Hymer likes to operate, I’ve selected a campervan that seems to boast just what folks want and need.

Sure, you may think that a camper van isn’t of any interest to you, but, for a starting price of €109,990 ($130,333 at current exchange rates), you can bet your bottom dollar that Grand Canyon S CrossOver is equipped with everything you’ll need to survive some decently harsh environments.

Now, one thing Hymer has come to be known for is a massive array of optional gear; I’ll get to that shortly. Standard, on the other hand, you’ll be receiving a diesel Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 419 CDI with 141 kW (189 hp) of power. AWD with gear reduction and 7G-Tronic automatic transmission will be controlling your vehicle, not to mention a ‘hold’ function. All that’s fueled by a 93-liter (24.5-gallon) gas tank.

All the Benz action doesn’t end there either. An MBUX multimedia system, SatNav, touchscreen and steering wheel functions, and reverse camera are also part of this package. Tons of assist features including traffic sign, attention, active brake, and lane keeping are also included. With 16-inch steel rims and lugged AT tires, the Grand Canyon seems promising to say the least.

Since off-grid capability seems to be the name of the game for this Hymer model, I’ll stick to features that bring the most comfort when traveling on the open road. Staying warm is something any off-grid and off-road travel vehicle should include as standard, and so the Grand Canyon is equipped with an insulated floor, windows, and features a 6-kW diesel warm air and water boiler with electric bar heater.

Insulated and internal water tanks, and a 90-watt solar panel push the limits on how far you can take this puppy. However, if you want more solar power, there are plenty of preps and options to beef up your electrical systems to your liking.

As for the interior living space of this off-roader, it brings with it all the necessities you could ask for in a four-person vehicle. The cab features pivoting seats that allow the central living space to transform into a dinner-party-ready area. To handle your meal-plan, a two-burner stove and sink combo, expandable countertop, and 90-liter (23.8-gallon) compressor fridge neatly occupy the passenger-side.

Across from the kitchen, the team at Hymer designed and included a bathroom with a cassette toilet inclusive of a level indicator, shower area, and a folding solid-surface washbasin. If you do want to add anything else to this area, don’t be afraid to speak up and let Hymer know. While the rear of the Grand Canyon features an east/west bedding setup suitable for two adults, the van can be equipped with a pop-up roof that allows for another two guests to join your outdoor travels.

If you do end up liking what you’ve read about, then check out the configurator on the Hymer website. But, be warned, as you create your dream vehicle, the price for your Grand Canyon will continue to climb, however, not very much, as most of the features you’d want and need are already equipped in this maxed-out-with-features vehicle. Some features you may want are bike and gear racks, a fifth seat, and that pop-up roof.

Sure, it’s going to cost you a good dollar to own one of these off-road and off-grid-ready vehicles, but in comparison to other conversions out there, for a tad over $130K, it’s a machine to consider if ever looking to change up your lifestyle.