Hyundai Casper micro-SUV revealed for Korea


At this point, we aren’t sure if the SUVs are really getting tinier or it’s just more hatchbacks wanting to be identified as “SUVs”; it’s probably the latter. But either way, raised vehicles are a good thing, especially in urban areas where the road conditions can be unpredictable. If reports are to be believed, the Hyundai Casper is coming to India as well, which means Hyundai India might already have a potential winner for the market.





The Casper we are seeing in the photos here is for the Korean market. If launched in India, it’ll, of course, lock horns with none other than the Renault Kwid which currently rules this “micro-SUV” segment in the country. As for the styling, the Casper looks just as cute as the Kwid. You know, when you suit-up a kid and that kid pretends to be a man?

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