Hyundai headquarters received only brand logo


Some time ago, we reported that the logo had disappeared from the head office of the Korean brand, but now it has returned to its rightful place, although it has changed somewhat.

As a reminder, thanks to images from the Motorgraph website, we noticed that the Hyundai logo was removed from the Hyundai Motor Group headquarters building in Yangjae-dong, Seoul. Moreover, he disappeared in mid-May 2021. It was removed “to replace the old sign,” a Hyundai Motor Group spokesman said.

Note that, unlike its sub-brand Kia, the Hyundai brand did not actually change the logo, however, the tone of the brand’s design may change. Hyundai Motor Company applied for a new trademark for the achromatic logo on December 30, 2020, according to the Korean Intellectual Property Office. It is very different from the blue emblems currently in use. Previously, Genesis and Kia also updated their logos by adopting achromatic emblems.

However, the other day a blue logo appeared at the headquarters of the brand, without an inscription. It is a little unclear what we have in front of us – the final version or a temporary replacement.