Hyundai unveils Hyundai Tucson N Line


Hyundai Motor has unveiled the 30.09 million won Tucson N-Line, fully meeting expectations of a high-performance model.

Based on the 4th generation Tucson, the new vehicle features a more aggressive exterior in the spirit of Hyundai Motor’s new design philosophy called Sensual Sportiness. A large and wide grille with a parametric pearl pattern, huge air intakes and transparent four-hole fog lights emphasize the sporty character of the vehicle.

On the side, the newly developed 19-inch alloy wheels with geometric patterns and body-colored wheel arches stand out. At the rear, there is a larger spoiler and diffuser than the standard model, which improved aerodynamics, and a single muffler with two tips added aggressiveness. Exclusive N-line details can also be found in the interior, in the form of suede leather seats, black headlining and more.

In the new car, an improved electronically controlled suspension adjusts the damping force of each wheel. On this basis, the crossover maintains a comfortable ride in normal driving mode and provides a sharper and sharper response in Sport mode.

Hyundai Tucson N Line prices range from 30.09 million to 32.76 million won for the 1.6T petrol version, from 32 million to 34.67 million won for the 2.0 diesel and 33.45 million to 36.12 million won – for the 1.6T hybrid.