If 007 Was a Pro Drifter, Would He Drive This V8 Vantage?


Imagination is a powerful tool indeed. Once you’ve imagined something, you can move on to achieving that vision. It can be a car, a house, a fast bike, or anything you put your mind to. There’s also the possibility of someone else building on your vision, with or without your direct help.

Imagine James Bond taking on a career of professional drifting in his upcoming movie. That would be a pretty “Tokyo Drift” twist to the series, wouldn’t it? And we’ve already seen one or two drift-ready Aston Martin vehicles in the past twelve months, so it’s not impossible. As professional drifting keeps growing, more money is being poured into the sport, and we get to see some new insane projects every year.

And if you’ve been following the Formula Drift series in the USA, you’ll know that to be true. While there is a tendency for drivers to build their race cars starting from brand new vehicles, there are also those that are slightly more nostalgic. Most of the pro drift cars these days are built on the late ’80s or ’90s chassis, but some have dared venture into the ’70s as well.

And now, thanks to Khyzyl Saleem’s vision, there’s one more interesting idea out in the open for anyone looking to seize the opportunity. I’m not saying that Daniel Craig himself should be the man behind the wheel, but this Aston Martin V8 Vantage may be an interesting option for anyone who’s a big fan of James Bond. Visually speaking, the car looks ready for the next round of Formula Drift, although it would be cool to see it dressed up in a special livery as well.

In Khyzyl’s vision, this car would probably retain its original V8 engine, judging by the individual throttle bodies protruding through the hood. With the high level of competition of the series these days, it should be boosted though, to give it a fighting chance out on the track. You can’t help but love the side exhaust, I guess you’d just have to check if that is a legal upgrade according to the FD rule book.