If Color-Shifting 2023 Corvette Z06s Aren’t Enough, Maybe a Widebody Does the Trick


Chevrolet has virtually opened Pandora’s Box with the arrival of the first official photo depicting the 2023 Corvette Z06 C8 barren of camouflage. It turns out that fans are treating it as an overly complicated and subjective topic.

Everyone imagined that opinions were going to run the entire gamut when it comes to such an epic introduction. Perhaps that’s exactly why General Motors decided to feed eager fans with a teaser for each passing month since July. Maybe it was their way of preparing everyone before the October 26th official release.

Naturally, the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 has turned out to be an extremely hot subject for virtual artists around the world as well. Recently, a bundle has been gathered in one place at corvetteforum.com (by user Lashedup) to show that many of them have refrained from angering the “mob” with too many customizations.

Perhaps they reckoned that a color-changing take on the mighty flat-plane crank-equipped Z06 would suffice. But of course, some reckon that less is never enough. So, do check out the white, yellow, blue, orange, and red virtual color compositions of a stock Z06. And then prepare for the even wider widebody kit stemming from a different kind of pixel master’s imagination.

Siim Parn, the virtual artist behind the spdesignsest account on social media, lives across the Atlantic Ocean. So, his Estonian Old Continent residence might keep him away from the Z06 controversies and enable him to produce a decidedly personal interpretation. One that would probably make C8.R aficionados proud if they could have it on the C8 Z06 in real life.

Probably it’s going to be just wishful thinking, but it still has its ample merits. Such as the ones revolving around the blasted air intakes, massive aero bits, and pieces, newly enlarged wheels, or the widened side air intake. Oh, and let’s not forget those beefy widebody fenders would be made out of carbon fiber!