If Rivian Made an Electric Ford Bronco, Here’s What It Could Look Like


Although it is almost impossible to conceive a high-volume SUV without four doors nowadays, the story changes when you think about off-roaders. The most famous ones present only two doors – three if you count the tailgate as one. Think about the Land Rover Defender 90, the Jeep Wrangler, and the Ford Bronco, and you’ll confirm that. What if Rivian plans to do something similar? That’s what João Kleber Amaral decided to answer with these renderings.

The artist told us he wanted to mix elements of the R1T and R1S in the same image. He also picked up some of the colors that Rivian already revealed to imagine what this two-door off-roader could offer its potential customers. You can see them all in our gallery.

Something else you may notice without much effort is that Rivian’s version of the Bronco would be a lot narrower if Amaral were the one in charge of it. The shorter wheelbase would probably penalize range unless it only emerged when solid-state batteries were already available. These cells promise double the energy density of current batteries. That could allow us to have cars with the same range but half the battery pack.

The lower center of mass could make this off-roader a lot more stable than the Bronco, the Wrangler, or any other vehicle with the same goals and similar size. All reviews of the Rivian R1T praised it precisely for offering world-class handling and the same capability as regular trucks.

Although the Rivian “Wrangler” should be more affordable than the company’s current vehicles, we’d love to see it present the same suspension that the company offers on the R1T and R1S. It is a hydraulic cross-linked design with air springs, monotube external reservoir shocks, and a performance that made Motor Trend name it “the McLaren of off-roaders.”

Would a Bronco-beater be among Rivian’s plans? Of course, we know the company has a lot of names trademarked and that it will have a second factory in the U.S. What would be really weird was if Rivian did not have plans for such a vehicle, especially if it wants to explore this off-road niche and cleverly promote the outdoors.