Imagine a World Where Everyone Has Identical Porsche Taycan EVs in Frozen Berry Metallic


Could it get a little stale at times? Perhaps. Or maybe we’d get really sick of it after a few days, since we as human beings love having visual diversity when it comes to our environment. Also, giving everybody out there Taycans (even people who can’t afford them) would almost certainly drive Porsche out of business, unless all other car manufacturers/models were banned.

Before you say anything, no, Porsche didn’t provide a dozen Taycans for this photoshoot. This project features a single Taycan and one very talented experimental photographer, Tomek Makolski, who embarked on an exploratory European road trip starting in Germany, before making his way through the Austrian Alps, driving down to Monaco, then Marseille, only to finally return to Stuttgart where it all started.

In total, he covered 3,000 km (1,864 miles), succeeding at his goal of finding urban and futuristic landscapes with juxtaposing colors and vibrancy. As for his inspiration, he mentioned the 2013 sci-fi film ‘Her’, directed by Spike Jonze and starring Joaquin Phoenix.

“The Taycan, especially in Frozen Berry, looks amazing – almost alien,” said the Polish photographer. “I decided to multiply it in each location to increase that futuristic, almost sci-fi atmosphere. But there is no CGI or rendering as I knew that would look too artificial. So once I had found the right frame, I parked the car in every single position.”

Despite being a self-proclaimed “petrolhead”, Makolski was eventually won over by the Taycan, stating: “I have to admit that I was really against electric cars, but driving the Taycan somehow convinced me. It’s really relaxing and quiet, but also very stable in fast corners. My dream garage now would be a Taycan 4S for daily commuting and a 911 GT3 for the weekends.”