In-Depth Lamborghini Sian Review Shows It’s A Perfect Blend Of Past And Future


One might have shrugged off the Sian as just another rebodied Aventador special edition. However, Lamborghini keeps ensuring us that it’s so much more, and this latest review from Carfection seems to confirm it.

The video starts off by explaining the meaning behind the Sian’s name. The “FKP 37” in Sian FKP 37 actually stands for Ferdinand Karl Piëch, and 1937 is the year he was born. Piëch was an important figure in Lamborghini’s history, as he used to be the head of VW Group and played a major role in making Lamborghini a part of the German auto conglomerate. The other historical aspect to the Sian is its production run, which will see 19 roadsters and 63 coupes as a nod to the company’s founding in 1963.

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After those formalities are out of the way,

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