Indian FTR 1200 Over Track Keeps Custom Cheaper Than We’re Used To, Yet Effective


There is no question about it, in the world of custom two-wheeled builds Harley-Davidson is usually the go-to bike maker for worthwhile platforms. But that doesn’t mean Harley’s greatest competitor, Indian, does not have a few aces up its sleeve. The trick is finding the right garage willing to work its magic on the likes of Scout, Challenger, or FTR.

Europe is one place where a great deal of such shops can be found, and even if they seem severely outnumbered by their Harley counterparts, they get the job done. Over in France, one such shop is Tank Machine, specializing in remaking BMWs, Suzukis, Ducatis and, of course, Indians.

We’ll start our coverage of their work with one of their most recent builds, the so-called Over Track BC-030. The build is a slightly but effectively modified FTR 1200, handled on behalf of local Indian Paris Etoile dealership.

The build is on the soft side of things, at least as far as cost is concerned, with all the added bits and modifications made amounting to just 6,500 euros ($7,500) over the price of the motorcycle. Visually though, the thing clearly stands out.

Built as a tribute to the motorcycle’s racing side, the Over Track sports up front custom fork protectors and a plate for the LED headlight. The fork itself is treated with a red color, while the handlebars hold bar-end mirrors pointed downwards.

On to the sides, we get an exhaust system in black and sporting short mufflers, and a plug-and-play wheel flange. Integrated turn signals at the rear (and at the front), custom decorations on the fuel tank, as well as a solid-look rear wheel, complete the aesthetics of the build.

Mechanically, the motorcycle has not changed in any way, and that’s probably one of the reasons the Over Track keeps things on the cheap side.