Indian Scout Boardtracker Has Board Racing and Jack Daniel’s Written All Over It


For a while now it has become a habit of both Harley-Davidson and Indian to hold build-off competitions for their respective network of dealers. For Indian, the international quest for the best Scout build kicked off back in 2016, and the winner of that event was this here contraption.

Put together by a Quebec-based shop called Motos Illimitées, the build started out as a 2016 Scout. The rules of the competition were that the dealers had to use specifically that model, and “a minimum of three Indian Scout accessories” to go with it. These guys, obviously, went nuts, and far exceeded that requirement.

The build is called Boardtracker in honor of the Scouts that back in the 1920s were engaged in what was then called board track racing – fast speed runs on oval or round tracks that had wooden planks for running surfaces.

And they kind of nailed it, as this thing clearly has a very retro-look to it. Propped on huge, 26-inch wheels, it sports cope pipes, an wood imitation seat, and a number of other elements (footrest, number plate and handle) made in white oak. Most of the body comes in red, with the Indian name spelled in gold on the fuel tank – a combination of colors that makes for the perfect visual storm to send one’s mind back decades ago.

But aside from Indian, there’s another important name featured on the two-wheeler, that of Jack Daniel’s. The two names have gone hand in hand for years, and it was only natural for the two to be brought back together one more time.

The bike you seen here is a dealer’s tribute to that partnership, but another, official Jack Daniel’s-branded Indian motorcycle is expected to be revealed later today, so keep an eye out for that as well.