Indian Scout Bobber Sixty Black Edition Puts Some Custom Harleys in Their Place


A flood that is hard to resist by the far fewer shops dedicated to other brands. Over in Germany, for instance, the place from where an endless stream of Harleys comes from, there’s only one major name opposing them, at least that we know of: Hollister’s Motorcycles.

These guys have been in the business of remaking Indians and, back when they were a thing, Victory motorcycles, for some time, and in the majority of cases their projects are more than up to the task of standing out in the crowd of Harleys.

Kind of like this Indian Scout Bobber Sixty does. Named Black Edition on account of well, obvious color choices, the bike went through the usual Hollister’s customization process, and was gifted with a long list of aftermarket or custom bits and pieces to make it unique.

The German shop itself contributed things like the air filter, front and rear fenders, and the seat. Indian itself supplied a basket filled with aftermarket goodies, including the swingarm, fuel tank, headlamp, speedometer, and pulley. A few others chipped in things like the ape hanger handlebar, mudguards, or indicator.

The matte black construction uses the stock engine, rated at 74 hp, with no visible or announced modifications.

Generally, Hollister’s work on some motorcycle pumps the thing’s price way up, but that’s not the case here. The Black Edition is listed for sale at 16,500 euros ($19,270), which true, is about double the price of an entry-level Bobber Sixty, but only double.