Indian Scout Bobber Vulcano Looks Like Red Hot Lava, Moving on Massive Fat Rubber


In the world of custom motorcycles, one that is clearly dominated by Harley-Davidson, having an Indian making a lasting impression on our minds is a welcomed event. At a corporate level, Indian is trying through various programs to encourage dealers and shops to come out with such unique projects, but there are some businesses out there who do it just because they can, even without official corporate backing. Germany-based Hollister’s Motorcycles is one of these businesses. Specializing in builds based on both Indians and their distant and now-defunct cousins from Victory, Hollister’s manages to steal the headlines from time to time with stuff to die for. Like the Indian Scout conversion we have here. Shown not long ago as the shop’s latest iteration of the American Bobber, it’s called Vulcano on account of the red matt paint that makes it stand out in the crowd like a sore thumb. Or, like a speck of red hot lava rolling down a hill. The very vivid hue on most of the body is made even more potent by the tons of black elements that have been spread throughout the two-wheeler. There is no question about it that the most impressive such elements are the two pieces of fat Bridgestone rubber wrapped around the red rims of the wheels. Other than this black and red visual play the motorcycle was largely kept stock, and where changes were needed, Indian aftermarket hardware was largely chosen. We’re talking about the air filter, swingarm, risers, footrests, fuel tank, headlamp, speedometer, and pulley, among others. On its end, Hollister’s contributed the fenders. As it rolls off the factory assembly lines, a stock Scout Bobber costs at least $10,999, but the one we have here is priced to more than two times that much, 22,500 euros, or about $25,500 at today’s exchange rates.