Integra Type-R Drag Races S2000 in FWD vs RWD Battle


I’ve often heard people mocking Honda owners for various reasons. Sure, not all Honda owners are cool to be around. But then again, that happens in every other community. For some, Hondas were the perfect entry-level sports cars. For others, still to this day, Hondas are the ultimate sports cars. If you’re thinking about going VTEC, there’s a wide selection of vehicles available on the market.

The question is, will you go for an FWD, RWD, or AWD model? I guess the answer depends on two things: your budget and your driving experience. Not everyone can comfortably and safely go fast in an S2000. Even fewer people will ever afford an NSX. But the Civics and Integras are easily accessible, and still a lot of fun. And in today’s video, we get to see how an S2000 stacks up against an Integra Type-R.

At first glance, you’d tend to think that both cars are heavily modified. The last time I caught up with Chris Marion from KW Suspensions was at the SEMA Show in 2015. So I was pleasantly surprised to see him driving the Integra Type-R for this race. Aaron from Spoon USA is driving the S2000, so you could say that this is a race between two demo cars. Although both have chassis and body upgrades, engine-wise there’s not a lot to talk about.

The 1.8-liter engine on the Integra Type-R is capable of delivering just under 200 horsepower. This is a fairly light vehicle, weighing in at just 2,600 lbs (1,180 kg). Seeing that it’s also FWD, I’m quite skeptical about its chances of winning today’s battle. Because the S2000’s 2.0-liter engine can output 240 horsepower. So it has more power and more torque. It’s also RWD, and even though it’s about 200 lbs (90 kg) heavier, I still think it’s going to come out on top.

And it seems that the majority of the people spectating for this race have the same feeling as I do. As always with the “This vs That” series, the first man to cross the 1,000 ft (304 meters) finish line wins the race. The S2000 is off to a strong start, and I’d say that Chris also shifted into second gear a bit early. Ultimately, the gap just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and the S2000 wins the first run.

For the second run, the S2000 will take on a 223 lbs (101 kg) passenger, and it will also start from further back. But it starts gaining on its opponent right after the start. If this was a quarter-mile (402 meters) race, it would have won. But it’s the Integra Type-R that crosses the finish line in the first place. For the third run, the S2000 loses the ballast, and it once again proves its superiority, winning the battle by 2 to 1. I guess that’s why people came up with “no replacement for displacement”.