Is Aston Martin Victor the greatest N/A V12 manual hypercar ever built?


There were these rumors going around recently that Aston Martin is planning to let go of manual gearboxes altogether. For the uninitiated, yes, Aston Martin offers a 7-speed manual option on the Vantage. But, before the manuals are completely dead, Aston Martin invited a very, very few privileged individuals recently to have a go in the greatest naturally-aspirated V12 manual car the company ever built — the Victor. A very few hand-picked invitees because the Victor is a bespoke, one-off, built in September 2020.


Photos: Top Gear

So, what is it? Well, the Victor started its life as a Vulcan — a track-only hypercar, which in turn was carved out from the One-77. The side exhausts and the entire lower part on the side of the car, are from the Vulcan. Do the taillights and the wheels remind you of something else?

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