Is The Arteon R The Closest Thing Volkswagen Has To A Grand Tourer?


When Volkswagen introduced the Arteon back in 2017, it came with presence even greater than that of the CC, which it replaced.

Flash forward to last year, and VW launched the Arteon R with more performance to match its stylish looks. Now the question remains: is the Arteon R Volkswagen‘s jack-of-all-trades grand tourer? Autogefuhl attempts to find out in his latest video, where he conducts an in-depth review of the fastback sedan.

First up is exterior styling. The Arteon R has an elegant, coupe-like appearance that is indeed very much in line with its grand touring image, and little touches like the full-width light bar and clamshell hood only add to that. Things like the blue brake calipers, quad exhaust tips, and new bodywork all help remind you that this is the sporty R model, and drives as such.

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The interior has a very mature design,

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