Jaguar XJ-S Has a Dirty Secret, Looks Like It Enjoys Feeding on Mustangs


The Jaguar XJ-S made its debut back in 1975, and it survived being on the market for 21 years. It went through a few changes over the years, and it even had its fair share of motorsports action. There were several engines available throughout its life span. The smallest was a 3.6-liter inline-6. The biggest one was a 6.0-liter V12, but Lister went on to increase that displacement up to 7.0-liters.

Of course, only a few vehicles were converted, and a select few were even fitted with twin superchargers. So don’t be surprised if you’ll ever bump into a 600-horsepower XJ-S from the 80s. But this 1977 XJ-S is outrageous on a whole new level. And you don’t even need to see a spec sheet to understand why. The massive blower protruding through the hood is a good sign that whoever built this was serious about going fast.

In 1977, this would have been equipped with a 5.3-liter Jaguar V12. There’s no denying that an engine like that must’ve sounded magnificent under heavy throttle input. This car has been in the same family for the past 21 years. Some of you may be shocked about the kind of engine it’s hiding. But some may have expected it from the beginning. And that’s because, in 1977, General Motors provided their TH400 gearboxes for these vehicles.

Not only does this car now have a 467 cubic-inches (7.6-liters) Chevrolet V8, but it has also been supercharged. A Dyer’s Blowers 6-71 supercharger with an 8-psi pulley set was brought into play. Unfortunately, the seller hasn’t provided any horsepower figures or any recorded quarter-mile (402 meters) results. But one picture included in the sale reads “I’ve smoked so many damn Detroits I need to wear a nicotine patch.”

Now, this is just a wild guess, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a dyno run would reveal that this thing’s packing more than 700 horsepower! Needles to say, this car has stirred up a lot of attention on the auction site. Potential customers are all desperately asking for videos of the car in action, and that may help attract more bids. Right now, we’re still in the early phase of the auction, and the highest bid isn’t all that impressive.

There are six more days to go before someone gets his hand on this Jaguar, and the current bid stands at $10,250. It seems that the short block was balanced and blueprinted in 2001, but it only made its way onto the car in 2018. Looking at the odometer, it seems that it has also been driven for 500 miles. I guess that may be a sign of enjoying life a quarter-mile at a time. The Illinois plates read “Bad Cat,” but some users have suggested that “Draguar” may be a more appropriate name for this.