James Bond’s 1963 Aston Martin DB5 Learns to Play Soccer, Now in Rocket League


James Bond’s Aston Martin has already made its way to the world of video games, and this really isn’t such a big surprise, especially given all the gimmicks the car is capable of.

But the debut of the 1963 DB5 in Rocket League could still take some people by surprise, especially because, you know, this game is all about playing soccer with cars in the first place.

For many, however, such news perfectly makes sense, especially given the DB5 is theoretically capable of doing all kinds of stunts that would make it so much easier to control the ball. Available with the signature Silver Birch paint finish that resembles the original Aston Martin, the DB5 makes its way to Rocket League today, though it won’t be available free of charge.

And unfortunately, it won’t be cheap either, as those who want to get the car in the game would have to spend no less than 1100 credits.

This is fairly expensive given it’s only a car we’re talking about here, but on the other hand, it’s not just any car. It’s 007’s favorite ride, so there’s no doubt the DB5 will be quite a sensation in Rocket League as well.

The Rocket League version will come with one-of-a-kind engine audio, and the gaming studio says it’s also adding the original Aston Martin DB5 wheels paired with a Reel Life decal.

Worth knowing is the Aston Martin DB5 can’t be customized with all item types, and at some level, this is quite alright because nobody wants 007’s main companion to end up looking in a way that nobody can recognize it in the first place.

The car will be available in Rocket League for a limited time, but right now, it’s not yet clear when the DB5 will no longer be up for grabs. So if you do want to spend 1100 credits on it, you’d better do it today before it’s not too late.