Japanese-Made Autonomous Robot Is a Four-Wheeled Explorer With Impressive Motor Skills


Using the technology of the Japanese lunar robot, the awarded Mighty-D3 autonomous robot shines when it comes to mobility features. It can do anything from avoiding obstacles and climbing stairs to moving sideways and turning on the spot. Recently receiving an Innovation Award at this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the Mighty-D3 is one capable and versatile wheeled machine. It was developed by Japanese robotics company Piezo Sonic and it owes its high mobility to the company’s special ultrasonic motor that doesn’t use coils or magnets and can exert five times the power of a DC motor of the same size. Mighty’s unique suspension system plays an important role as well. The state-of-the-art robot features four legs with wheels that are individually powered and can pivot both outward or inward. This allows Mighty to perform all kinds of movements. It can climb steps and overcome obstacles, it can spin on the spot, and move horizontally. The bot can overcome steps that are over 15 cm (5.9 in) high and it is built to cope with any kind of terrain and surface, both indoors and outdoors, regardless of how smooth, uneven, or rough. It also comes with 15-degree climbing ability. The Mighty autonomous wheeler weighs 25 kg (55 lb.) and measures 65 x 50 x 55 cm (25.5 x 19.6 x 21.6 in). It has a payload capacity of approximately 30 kg (66 lb.) and a maximum speed of 6 kph (3.7 mph). Packed with short-range sensors, LiDAR, cameras, and GPS, the Mighty-D3 can easily navigate and avoid obstacles such as pedestrians or different objects. Its technology makes it suitable for a variety of applications. You can make it follow you on the street and carry your groceries, it can be used in factories, for deliveries, in agriculture, for security patrolling, and so much more. Piezo Sonic doesn’t mention anything about the pricing of the Mighty or when it will be launched, but we do know that it is scheduled to first begin operations in Tokyo.