Jeep Renagade gets special Loki Edition for Italy


The smallest Jeep SUV has been in production for seven years. Moreover, Renagade regularly has special versions with limited geography of distribution. The SUV was recently launched in the Bronze Edition in Mexico and the Islander in the US.

Jeep will offer its customers in Italy a special version of the Jeep Renagade called the Loki Edition. This is the result of the automaker’s collaboration with Marvel Studios.

The special edition of the compact SUV is released to coincide with the launch of the Loki series on Disney +. Three episodes of the first season of six have already been shown on the air. The fourth episode will air on June 30.

The special Jeep Renagade, dedicated to the supervillain from the Marvel comics, is based on the High-End Limited trim level. Under the hood of such a small SUV is a 130-horsepower turbodiesel or a 190-horsepower 4xe hybrid. Moreover, the four-wheel drive relies only on a hybrid modification.

The Loki-badged Renegade Impulse gets a wealth of options, from keyless entry and waterproof boot mats to two-zone climate control and a seven-inch touchscreen.

So far, Renegade bears the title of the smallest Jeep. Next year, a new model will be released, which will be even more compact. She is tipped for a compact modular architecture (CMP) from PSA Peugeot Citroën specialists.