Kenworth Debuts Class 8 All-Electric Truck at 2022 CES, Has Plenty of Torque


Kenworth’s new all-electric truck was unveiled at the 2022 CES in the PACCAR Innovations booth. It is a production model that is available in multiple configurations and can deliver up to 670 horsepower, while its range is estimated at 150 miles (ca. 241 kilometers). The Kenworth T680E is designed to be employed for various applications, which range from pickup and delivery to drayage. Customers can spec the Class-8 in a day cab as a straight truck or a tractor, and it comes in a 6×4 axle configuration. The first electric truck from Kenworth comes with 82,000 lb (ca. 37,195 kg). Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), and provides 536 continuous horsepower, while being able to pump its electrons up to 670 hp if required. Torque is rated at 1,623 lb.-ft. (2,200 Nm), and the top speed is restricted to 65 mph (105 kph). PACCAR, Kenworth’s parent company, already has electric vehicle charging stations throughout the U.S., which have an output rating from 20 kW to 350 kW. The T680E has a standard SAE CCS 1 charging port, and it is claimed to be able to reach a full charge in “approximately three hours.” Its creators have not specified the size of the battery or its peak charging power, so it is impossible to guess the capacity of its battery. We expect it to support quick charging and to be liquid-cooled, which would be the bare minimum to enable a full charge in three hours for a vehicle in this class. Kenworth’s all-electric truck comes with Meritor’s 14Xe e-Powertrain, which is developed with the 14X axle housing and is designed to maintain existing axle mounting hardware. The described setup has a high-voltage range that sits between 450 and 750V, and has a GAWR range per axle that sits between 13,600 and 26,000 lbs. (ca. 6.8T-12T), depending on the application, and customizable GAWR setups are also offered by Meritor. The new T680E is not the only electric truck offered by Kenworth, as the company also has the Class 7 K370E and the Class 6 K270E in its portfolio. Each can be ordered with specialized EV chargers from Kenworth dealers, and PACCAR and its partners can offer tailored charging solutions for each fleet.