Kevin Hart Matches His Outfit to New Ferrari SF90 Spider, Says It’s the First in the U.S.


Ferrari introduced the SF90 Spider last year, in November, and it’s the brand’s first electrified model. As a car collector, Kevin Hart couldn’t pass on this and posed with the SF90 Spider in a matching yellow-and-black outfit. The actor claims it’s the first of its kind landing on American soil.

Leave it to Kevin Hart to impress you with some of the most exquisite models out there. With a collection that includes both modern, luxurious vehicles and classics, the actor has a new addition to his garage.

And this one deserves all the attention, because we’re talking about the Ferrari SF90 Spider. Ferrari introduced its first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) back in 2019 when the SF90 Stradale made its debut. One year later, Ferrari revealed the Spider version with a retractable hardtop. 

The SF90 Spider has similar numbers as its coupe counterpart, with three electric motors, two of them on the front axle, and the third between the engine, a 4.0-liter V8, and the transmission. The system produces a total of 986 horsepower (1,000 ps) and 590 lb-ft (800 Nm).

These figures help the SF90 Spider sprint from zero to 62 mph (0-100 kph) in 2.5 seconds, hitting a top speed of 211 mph (340 kph). The electric motors make the supercar run with zero emissions for up to 25 km (15.5 miles). In the EV mode, it reaches a top speed of 84 mph (135 kph). If you’re wondering, it comes with a starting price of a bit over $550,000, and it’s around $50K more expensive than the Stradale.

Kevin Hart posed with his new supercar, matching his trousers to the black body paint and his sweatshirt to the yellow calipers.

He wrote that he was “celebrating the release of “True Story,”” which is his latest limited series on Netflix. He added that this is “the 1st SF90 Spider released in the US…. Shoutout to @ferrari”

Leave it to Kevin Hart to flex his cars all over social media with every new project, or just for fun. Because all the models he shows get more and more interesting every time.