Kia Rebrands UVO Connect System as Kia Connect, App Available for Both Apple and Android


Kia’s UVO Connect telematics system will now go by the name Kia Connect as the carmaker continues to offer users an intuitive infotainment experience with enhanced connectivity and functionality. The updated system will be rolled out across Kia’s European line-up over the coming months, with the Kia Connect app available to download for both Apple and Android users.

The system’s suite of on-board features can be accessed through your vehicle’s central touchscreen display. These features include Online Navigation, as well as Kia Connect Live Services.

With Online Navigation, you get cloud-based real-time traffic data, which in turn helps predict traffic levels more accurately, thus giving you a clearer picture of what to expect in terms of journey time and ETA (estimated time of arrival).

Meanwhile, with Kia Connect Live Services you can access data from a wide range of specialist providers for not just traffic information, but also parking availability and costs, locations and pricing for fuel stations and EV charging points. You can even get weather forecasts and speed camera information (although that depends on the specific market).

As for the Kia Connect app, you can use it to remotely access information about your car via your smartphone – like trip data and statistics, vehicle location, climate control levels, charging status (if you have an EV) and goodies like ‘last mile navigation’ and ‘valet parking mode’.

The former helps customers navigate to their destination via smartphone using Google Maps or augmented reality (AR) guidance, while the latter enables you to monitor your vehicle remotely when it’s being driven by somebody else.

“By re-naming our on-board and app-based telematics system to Kia Connect, we are making it clear to customers that its features are there to provide a seamless connection between owner, vehicle and environment. By taking advantage of Kia Connect’s comprehensive suite of technologies, customers can look forward to stress-free journeys like never before,” said Kia Europe president, Jason Jeong.