KIA Seltos passed a new crash test and was safer than most competitors


Kia Seltos / KX3 has received praise from C-NCAP experts.

Crash test in Chinese means an offset impact at a speed of 64 km / h. Cars that are checked by European specialists from the Euro NCAP organization undergo the same test. But for a test with full overlap in China, a lower speed is provided – 50 km / h, and not 56, as in European colleagues.

During the test, the Kia KX3 performed well at all stages and earned the maximum five stars. Its overall result is 85.8%. This figure was formed from the results of assessing the safety of the driver and passengers (here the cross did not reach the 87 percent mark), pedestrian safety (just over 73%) and the effectiveness of active safety systems (almost 94%).

These points gave experts the right to say that the Kia KX3 outperforms direct competitors in terms of safety. The rivals of this Korean SUV have an average rating of no more than 66%. By the way, the Chinese “Seltos” received the maximum possible score for emergency braking systems and ESC, as well as for protecting the legs of pedestrians.

Recall that the Kia KX3 / Seltos for different regional markets receives its own set of security systems: somewhere it is better, but somewhere it costs the necessary minimum.

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