Kimera EVO37 or heavily upgraded version of Lancia 037


Tuning studio Kimera presented a restomod based on Lancia 037. The car received a modified appearance, as well as a couple of modern systems.

With the new FIA Group B racing rules introduced in the 1980s, the Italian company Lancia had to develop a new competitor to compete in motorsport, hence the birth of the Lancia 037. Of course, several 037 Stradale units were created as part of the homologation rules. However, for now, only a few of these mid-engined sports cars can still be seen driving on city streets.

Kimera Automobili wants to pay tribute to the glorious days of the Lancia 037 by restoring and redesigning this racing car. The restored and modernized car was named Kimera EVO37.

The EVO37 remains faithful to the original Lancia 037. The body shapes and lines are identical, while the only exterior design change is the LED lights. Again, the EVO37 is slightly longer than the original Lancia, and the body is now made from carbon fiber rather than the fiberglass originally used by the Italian company. From the large rear wing to the shape of the roof, everything is as it was.

Of course, the engine that sits longitudinally behind the seats is still the same 2.1-liter unit from Italtecnica, which was then redesigned and redesigned from scratch under the direction of Lancia engineer Claudio Lombardi. With turbo on, it now develops 505 horsepower (550 Nm).

The Kimera EVO38 is still RWD and comes with a manual transmission. The car now boasts a four-way suspension, Brembo carbon ceramic brakes. A total of 37 Kimera EVO37 units will be produced, each at a base price of € 480,000

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