Kinder Surprise: Hyundai launches Staria Kinder school bus


Hyundai has turned its new 2022 Staria people mover into a 11-seat school bus, complete with vibrant School Bus Yellow paint. Next up, a Staria Kinder N.


South Korean manufacturer Hyundai has unveiled a school bus based on the new 2022 Hyundai Staria people mover in its home market.

Named the Staria Kinder, the 11-seat school bus (also available in 15-seat form) incorporates additional light bars on the roof, the requisite stop sign that flips out when the doors open, and of course a school bus yellow paint job. The four-row interior incorporates black-and-yellow troop-carrier seats.

Being a school bus, safety is paramount. Hyundai points out that the Staria Kinder is fitted with a ‘seat belt adjustment device’ on all pews in the 11-seat version so that children can fit the seat belt correctly to their height.

In addition, the Staria’s active safety technologies – including autonomous emergency braking, lane-departure warning, lane-keeping assist, and rear cross-traffic collision avoidance system – are applied in force.

In line with the South Korean government’s eco-friendly policy, the Staria Kinder is powered by liquid petroleum gas. In its home market you can receive a seven million Korean won ($AU8000) subsidy on LPG-powered school vehicles. If a diesel bus is traded in on a new Staria Kinder, purchasers can receive up to 13 million won ($AU14,888) in discounts.

Total cost stands at 34.78 million won ($AU39,824) for 11-seaters, though seating can be expanded to 15 for a 37.48 million won ($AU42,845) price. Importantly, with those aforementioned subsidies the changeover price can be as low as 20 million won ($AU22,907).

In a translated statement, a Hyundai official said the “Staria Kinder has implemented the highest level of safety performance by applying a lot of special parts that have passed thorough safety tests. And we expect [passengers to] travel comfortably.”

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