King-of-Bling 1975 Chevy Caprice Donk Poses on 30-Inch Wheels at Florida Car Meet


Cutting off a mule’s ears does not make it a horse, but tweaking a 1971-1976 Chevrolet Caprice or Impala does make it a donk. No matter what anyone tells you, the term only applies to these two models that sport the specific mods. Some donks have also received a jaw-dropping amount of power, besides the oversized wheels, elevated ground clearance, lots of bling, customized interior, and a serious sound system, and we’ve seen a few of them in action at the drag strip, giving some very fast machines a headache down the quarter-mile. As for the one that you are about to see on video, it didn’t tap into its dragster but its flashy side. That said, it sports a candy red finish on the outside and some chrome trim. The real look-at-me modification, however, is the new alloy set. The gold wheels have a multi-spoke pattern, and 30 inches in diameter, according to the uploader anyway, and have given this 1975 Chevy Caprice an elevated ground clearance. The man holding the wheel, who is presumably the owner, was blasting loud music through the speakers, so we can assume that it also has an aftermarket audio too, perhaps hooked up to a touchscreen infotainment system that would give it a more modern flair. Presumably filmed in Orlando, Florida, during a local car meet, it is the star of the 1-minute long clip embedded down below, which shows it pulling up to a parking lot and then driving off with the top down. Since it is an appearance worth documenting, some of the participants took out their phones to immortalize it, which is understandable, considering that they do not come across a real donk every day. Thus, if you’re into this sort of rides, then it is definitely a video worth watching, and if you are aware of more clips showing this particular Caprice, feel free to share them in our comments area.