Koenigsegg Jesko Has Some (Very Loud) Fun In The Sun


Koenigsegg is one of those car companies that like to push limits and use technology to make their hypercars faster, more efficient, and at times sound downright nasty.

It’s on that last point that Koenigsegg simply slipped a small clip of the Jesko playing around in the sun into their Instagram a day or so ago. Koenigsegg is based at an old Swedish Air Force base, and as such, has a lovely runway to use.

And use it they did!

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A behind the scenes clip of one of our Jesko prototypes having a great time in the sun on our runway.

A post shared by Koenigsegg (@koenigsegg) on Sep 23, 2020 at 2:57am PDT

The first words out of most of our mouths when we heard this snarling vicious beast included quite a few curse words,

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