KrAZ 255 “Red Dawn” Is From a Universe Where Russians Overcame America, But Not Quite


For the good of us all, the tensions between the two great superpowers of the Cold War, the U.S. and Russia, ended with no major conflict igniting. If it had, we probably wouldn’t be here discussing how a Russian truck might have looked like if it had somehow gotten in the hands of American custom builders.

It’s no secret both Americans and Russians like their stuff massive, solid, and aggressive, but whatever that stuff is, each nation goes about achieving those attributes through different means, with Russians inclined to cut corners and do things fast, and Americans taking their sweet time.

The thing you’re looking at here is called KrAZ 255. It was produced by the Russians starting with 1967 over in Ukraine, with the goal of having it used for extreme operations. And by that, we mean military business that required a potent 6×6, powered by a 15-liter engine, more than anything else.

This one is a sight Americans never got to see, because Russia never invaded our country. If it had, the population here would most likely have fought the invaders even after defeat and might have gotten their hands on foreign hardware, turning things like the KrAZ into a much more democratic overlanding machine.

At least, that’s how digital designer Timothy Adry Emmanuel (adry53customs) envisions things: an Eastern European military truck, proudly displaying the stars and stripes flag over a clearly civilian-made, end-of-the-world-oriented build.

Riding on massive tires on all six wheels, the truck comes in two variants (check gallery for more), with an open bed ideal for transporting raiding parties against enemy troops, and an enclosed one for either living in the great outdoors or coordinating commando squads.

We nicknamed this insane build Red Dawn, for obvious reasons, and just like Emmanuel, we would love to see something like this being built in real life, even if just for the fun of it.