Laid-Out, Bi-Tone Mercedes G 63 Feels Squeaky Custom on AGL73 Dual Block 24s


Let’s face it. When your go-to car dealership is Los Angeles, California-based Platinum Motorsport Group, it becomes adamantly clear that Christmas comes every time you want it. Of course, there is one time each year when it also coincides with the actual celebration. Naturally, that would be the perfect occasion for an affluent patron of the “leading designers and creators of high-end automotive culture & lifestyle” to ask them nicely for gifts. Notice the plural, even though we decided to focus on just one vehicle for this piece. This is because the same owner also got a bespoke Arabian Grey 2022 Mercedes-Benz S 580 limousine just in time for a Christmas Eve delivery. Along with Platinum, he was quick to show it off on social media. But here is one thing. As beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, this sedan is not exactly our cup of tea because of the rather outrageous crimson leather interior treatment. But the exterior Arabian Grey/polished chrome wheels with lowered suspension combination still looks squeaky clean, so we decided to also embed the S 580 down below for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Now, back in focus with the Mercedes-AMG G 63 sport utility vehicle. Call us crazy, but we are starting to discover a newfound appreciation for these hulking, boxy SUVs when they get outrageously customized with a wheel package that stands out in a crowd like a shiny mirror. Just like that Brabus riding funky on a set of Cactus Jack Forgiato wheels, this lowered dual-tone G 63 also looks decidedly squeaky custom. The subdued black/gray mashup helps put the legendary design into the proper luxury perspective. Meanwhile, the AG Luxury Wheels Avant Garde AGL73 dual-blocks clearly signal this is not your run-of-the-mill AMG G 63. And this time around, the interior also looks way better matched to the exterior color combinations!