Lamborghini Mexico Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Special Edition Huracans


Lamborghini has tapped into Mexico’s culture to celebrate its 10th anniversary in the country south of the U.S. border, and has just pulled the cover off four special edition Huracan EVO models, with four key themes: Vita (Life), Morte (Death), Sogno (Dream), and Tempo (Time).

Commissioned by the brand’s local distributor, Grand Chelem, and personalized via the Ad Personam program at the Sant’Agata Bolognese studio, the supercars boast different colors and a celebratory plaque, each symbolizing the corresponding theme.

“Mexico has become an influential force for a growing automotive community in Latin America, and we’re proud to celebrate this partnership with Grand Chelem,” said the automaker’s Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Federico Foschini. “The four special edition models, designed with the brand’s Ad Personam program, present the endless possibilities available to clients when configuring their own Lamborghini vehicle.”

The four cars are about to embark on a journey throughout Mexico City’s most known landmarks. The Huracan Vita will take its Verde Ermes (green) and Oro Elios (gold) accents to the streets, as well as its eagle emblem that celebrates “freedom and the success in life,” according to Lamborghini. The Huracan Morte features the emblem of a skull that ritualizes the journey between life and death, and has a Blu Astreus (blue) color and Bronzo Serse (bronze) trim.

For the Sogno, the Raging Bull has chosen a two-headed dragon plaque. The supercar has a Blu Symi (light blue) paint finish and Oro Elios (gold) accents. Last, but definitely not least, the Huracan Tempo’s snake plaque is “representative of the reinvention of oneself by shedding the skin,” the Italian carmaker states. This model has a Nero Nemesis (black) hue and Bronzo Serse (bronze) details, and a similar theme on the inside, just like the aforementioned versions of the supercar that are part of the company’s celebrations.