Lamborghini Miura Comes Back to Life, Inhabits the Body of a Huracan Performante


When the Sant’Agata Bolognese-based Italian supercar manufacturer presented the 2022 Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4, it triggered a lot of controversies. But there was also another side effect: a nostalgia wave.

Sure, the head honchos over at Lambo went for the sound financial decision, the 50-year-anniversary of the (in)famous Countach. Not everyone was happy with the hybridized modern result, but we have a feeling the 112 lucky owners don’t care about that.

They probably just want to sit on the alleged €3 million (over $3.5 million at the current exchange rates) garage queen treasure like the dragons from the stories and wait until their investment doubles or triples in value. It might be another 50 years, but they do seem to have the patience needed.

Unlike automotive virtual artists, who usually seize the moment. So, the nostalgia wave created by the official apparition of the 2022 Countach has logically triggered ideas of looking further back into the glorious past of the Italian brand. There, born some 55 years ago, lay dormant the Lambo Miura.

It was probably waiting to be brought back to life, if only as a virtual exercise. Oscar Vargas, the pixel master behind the wb.artist20 account on social media, has decided to portray a possible (and entirely unofficial) Miura resurrection. It’s not the first time we have seen the vintage sports car brought back to a restomod life, but this time around we are treated to a more traditional front three-quarters view.

Seemingly, the angle was owed to a couple of photos with the Miura and the modern donor of the supercar body, a very green Huracan Performante. So, the classic Miura lines were just as controversially transplanted into the contemporary V10 soul.

And it really doesn’t matter that Vargas did not use the latest and (arguably) greatest version of the baby Lambo. After all, both the Performante and STO passionately share the same 630 horsepower level of the ubiquitous 5.2-liter V10 mill.