Lamborghini Urus Drag Races Old VW Golf Mk2, Gets Punished


We’ve seen it win quite a few races, but does it have what it takes to smoke a second-generation Volkswagen Golf? Well, that’s obviously a silly question when we’re talking about a stock 1980s Golf. The most powerful hatchback from the era, the extremely rare G60 Limited came with 207 horses on tap. That’s a lot of oomph for a Golf, but definitely not enough to pose a threat to the 641-horsepower Urus.

But the Golf you’re about to see below is far from stock. It may look like a regular two-door Golf that’s been restored to factory specifications, but this hatchback hides a turbocharged VR6 engine under the hood. And it’s not just any VR6. This mill packs a solid 550 horsepower, more than any other factory-built Golf yet.

But it’s still not as powerful as the Urus, right? The Italian SUV still packs an extra 91 horses plus a lot of modern technology to lay it on the ground. That may be, but this beefed-up Golf is significantly lighter than the Urus. While the SUV tips the scales at a massive 4,850 pounds (2,200 kg), a second-gen Golf comes in at only 2,745 pounds (1,245 kg). And I’m talking about the heaviest variant out there because a stripped-off hatchback weighs less than 2,000 pounds (907 kg).

All told, when it comes to power-to-weight ratio, the old Volkswagen Golf has a solid advantage over the Urus. And you will see what that means in the video below, which shows the two vehicles engaging in a half-mile drag race.

You’ll have to watch the Golf take on a Honda Civic first, winning the duel with a 20.68-second ET. But that’s just the warm-up because the Golf runs quicker against the Urus.

It might not seem like it when the lights go green and the Lambo takes the lead, but the tiny Volkswagen catches up and crosses the finish line a tad quicker. The German hatch scores a 19.70-second run, while the Urus has to settle for a 19.98-click sprint. The Golf also wins the trap speed war with a 252.8-kph (157 mph) benchmark, almost 15 kph (9.3 mph) faster than the SUV.

Can you imagine hitting more than 250 kph (155 mph) in a car that barely reached 150 kph (93 mph) in factory trim 40 years ago? All while covering only half-mile (804 m)? Insane doesn’t begin to cover it, so click that play button below to check it out.