Lamborghini Urus Navigates a Road That’s Higher Than Mt. Everest Base Camp


Umling La Pass sits inside of India’s Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir at more than 19,000 feet of elevation over sea level and the Lamborghini Urus just tackled it. Twice. 

While driving on a high-elevation road might not sound very challenging at first, it actually is. First, let’s consider what it took to build this road.

The Border Roads Organization is responsible for the engineering feat. They turned what was a dirt road full of gravel and nothing more to a full-on paved blacktop.

Workers only had a four-month window from June to September to complete construction. Temperatures can plummet below -40 degrees (Celsius and Fahrenheit).

Then there are the wind speeds that can reach up to 50 mph. Now consider that cars don’t like either of these extremes, especially not tall ones like the Urus.

Despite these challenges, a Giallo Auge (yellow) Lamborghini Urus tackled the 36.6-mile road. In fact, it did it twice, once on the 8th and once on the 9th. Just in case anyone missed the first successful attempt.

The head of Lamborghini India, Mr. Sharad Agarwal, had this to say about the achievement: “This is a proud moment for Lamborghini as the Urus unlocks the pinnacle of high-altitude driving across the Umling La Pass. I would like to congratulate the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) and its team on their remarkable achievement.”

“When we reached Umling La Pass, even standing for 30 minutes was extremely difficult, and how the team completed the road in such extreme weather conditions is unimaginable. During the 87.5 km-long drive from Hanle to Umling La, Urus performed brilliantly under the Terra and Sport driving modes on a road that sits higher than the base camp of Mount Everest,” Agarwal added.

That’s right, this road is at least 1,000 feet higher than the base camp of Mount Everest. That’s taking into account base camps on both Tibetian and Nepalese territory.

It says a great deal about the Urus and the technology within it that it achieved this goal. That 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 under the hood has proven to be good for more than just unheard of speed and power on the highway or race track.