Land Rover Defender production halted due to chip shortage


Production problems have plagued the British automaker since last year, when companies around the world were grappling with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

The shortage of semiconductors has affected various industries around the world, including the automotive industry. Land Rover is the latest automaker to face production challenges that have resulted in the new Defender and Discovery.

According to a report by Autocar, the British automaker has suspended production at its Nitra, Slovakia facility due to a shortage of chips. The plant’s capacity is 150,000 vehicles per year. A JLR spokesman told the UK newspaper that the company is indeed facing supply challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic and the availability of semiconductors. This affected their production schedule resulting in adjustments.

The company works closely with its suppliers to address this issue and minimize the impact on customer orders. However, the timing of the resumption of production at the Slovak enterprise is not named. At the same time, the waiting times for Defender and Discovery due to the closure of the plant are expected to increase.

JLR has been facing production challenges since last year.

More than a year ago, the company announced a shortage of Land Rover Defender due to limited production as a result of the pandemic. It is difficult to predict when exactly the problem of the global shortage of microcircuits will be solved. Some experts talk about several months, others are guided only by the next year.

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