Late Model Year Dodge Viper VX I Examples Are Already Rocking Auctions


Sure, one can have a muscle car with snake ideas, but we are here to discuss Dodge’s legendary Viper. Manufactured by the company (SRT also tried its expert hand at it for 2013 and 2014) from 1992 through 2017, this epic sports car accrued five preposterous generations under its belt (no snakeskin pun intended!).

Unfortunately, after a quarter-century production (with brief hiatuses in 2007 and from 2010 to 2012), the head honchos over at Chrysler (now Stellantis) decided it was time to pull the plug on a vehicle that has always had America written all over it. Seriously, ask any toddler about cool red, white, and blue cars and it’s entirely possible to get Mustang, Corvette, or Viper answers within a heartbeat.

No sense in dwelling in the faraway past, because the most recent fifth- and final generation (VX I) can hold its own against any of its predecessors. It came out for the 2013 model year with a complete redesign, modern safety features, and a limited amount of stock variants to make sure its special series would be even more enticing. Chief among them were the ACR, TA, or the customization-king GTC.

Acting as the pinnacle of the Viper sports car, it’s like Dodge knew from the very beginning the entire generation is nothing but a massive last hurrah for the legendary sports series. Interestingly, only during the later model year runs did customers also understand this might very well be the final Viper. And some of them acted accordingly.

As such, it’s already no wonder that just half a decade later, certain pristine examples are ready to resurface as prized low-mile auction collectibles. Our first example comes in stunning green paint to signal that we are dealing with one of just 31 examples of the Snakeskin Edition Viper built for the sports car’s final model year. It was recently on sale from a Bring a Trailer dealer (user The_Dude_Abides), and although it found a new owner already, it still serves our purpose very well.

It’s just the first demonstrator that low-mile late model year Vipers are on the verge of going haywire. The catchy 2017 Dodge Viper GTC Snakeskin had just 188 miles (303 km) on the odometer and the 8.4-liter V10 with six-speed manual tranny powertrain was paired to exquisite features such as the Advanced Aerodynamics Package or 18/19-inch Sidewinder II wheels, among others.

On the other hand, these other two examples (check gallery) might prove even more enticing, even without an extremely catchy shade. They’re still going to stand out in any crowd since we are dealing with a couple of Vipers outfitted with the Extreme Aero Package. One still resides in New York (seller is BaT user kk3249), while the other calls home the town of Waterbury, Connecticut (dealer’s username is ndangelo12).

The first 2016 Dodge Viper ACR Extreme sports a GTS-R Blue Pearl shade, has a driver-side red paint strip, and the interior is dressed up in black leather as well as Alcantara bits and pieces. Speaking of goodies, both the exterior and interior also come with additional carbon fiber-trimmed parts. More importantly, the 8.4-liter V10 hasn’t been used much, as the Viper registers a mere 507 miles (816 km) on the odometer.

Unlike our final entry for today, which is an 8k-mile (12,875 km) 2016 Dodge Viper ACR also featuring the Extreme Aero Package and dressed up in a subtler livery. The Billet Silver Metallic paint scheme also includes red and black stripes, while the interior is again the perfect performance workplace clad in black leather and Alcantara. So, you see, the Vipers are sneakingly coming out of hiding…