Legendary iPhone Designer to Work with Ferrari, Hopefully Not on Another Christmas Tree


If you’re a tech-savvy type of person who keeps an eye on everything that happens in terms of phones, computers, and software, you probably know already that Jony Ive has played a critical role for one of the most popular devices today.

Credited for the design of the first iPhone, Sir Jony Ive helped bring to life several other famous Apple products while also working on various other products more or less unrelated to the world of technology.

Some of Ive’s ideas, however, have been a little bit controversial, and one of the best examples in this regard is none other than the Christmas tree he came up with back in 2016 for a hotel.

Ive took everybody by surprise with his idea of a beautiful Christmas tree, so instead of plenty of shiny and eye-catching decorations, he proposed nothing more than a minimalistic approach with a tree in the most natural form and zero extras. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

Ive eventually left Apple a couple of years ago to form his own company called LoveFrom, and while it’s believed the designer continues his collaboration with the Cupertino-based tech giant through this new firm, he’s also working with other big names on all kinds of projects.

And today, Ive’s company joined forces with Ferrari for a partnership that’s as mysterious as it gets. Neither the carmaker nor LoveFrom shared any plans the two might be working on, but hopefully, this wouldn’t lead to another uncanny Christmas tree.

Worth emphasizing is there’s no reference to a collaboration whose main target would be something related to a car, so if anything, Ferrari and Ive could very well work together on all kinds of other stuff from apparel to steering wheels. Financial Times, however, says there’s a chance Ive will work with Ferrari on the brand’s first EV, as well as on a series of fashion-related projects.

You can find the press release in the box after the jump, and as someone who’s been keeping an eye on Ive’s work for decades, I can only offer you a single piece of advice: you’d better not try to guess what the man is currently working on and how the whole thing could end up looking like.