Less Than One Percent of EV Drivers Would Go Back to ICE, Survey Says


A recent survey made at the request of Zap-Map has revealed that less than one percent of EV drivers would go back to gasoline or diesel-engined vehicles. The poll was conducted last month and gained over 3,000 responses, but they all came from the Zap-Map community of drivers. Last year’s survey involved “over 2,000 drivers,” so it is clear that the community is growing. Another interesting piece of information from this year’s poll is that eight percent of respondents are “not sure” about the idea of returning to gasoline or diesel vehicles. In total, nine percent of respondents may not be that happy about their purchase, but it is unclear what they drive and what aspect has not met their expectations. Unlike other online polls, this one was made through an app meant for finding EV charging points and paying for a charge. That means that the respondents are users of electric vehicles, which might have swayed the results of the survey, if you ask us. Some respondents own plug-in hybrid vehicles, and the poll showed that 84 percent of them were satisfied with their vehicle, while 92 percent of BEV owners were happy with their purchase. Many respondents stated that they were first-time EV users, which makes sense. Data shows that 28 percent of them made the purchase in 2020, while almost half of all respondents said that their current EV is their first. A new question added to the survey focused on the furthest distance traveled in an EV with a single charge. Over fifty percent of respondents replied that they drove over 200 miles (ca. 322 km) on a single charge, which goes to show that many of them have no range anxiety. According to the Department of Transport’s data, the average car journey in the UK was just 8.4 miles (ca. 14 km) in 2019. Just 15 percent of respondents stated that their longest trip was less than 100 miles (ca. 161 km), while 31 percent said they drove between 101 and 200 miles (ca. 322 km) on a trip. Almost a quarter of respondents, 24 percent to be precise, said that they drove over 300 miles (ca. 483 km) in one trip. Curiously, seven percent of respondents had driven more than 500 miles (ca. 805 km) in a single journey, but it is not clear how many times they charged their vehicle.