Let’s Watch Hoovies Garage Drool Over A Custom Twin Turbo Ferrari Testarossa


Tyler Hoover of Hoovies Garage is one of the fastest rising stars in the car enthusiast Youtube community. Years of buying cheap supercars and watching them fall apart before his very eyes on the internet have caught the attention of the big boys at Barret-Jackson. Who asked him to help broadcast their latest auction event in Houston, Texas.

As he’s demonstrated over the years, a classic car auction is a very perilous place for Hoovie to be. That said, the custom twin-turbo 1986 Ferrari Testarossa that Hoovie chose to fawn over would totally justify going bankrupt to own.

The Testarossa was lauded in its day for its smooth-revving and fantastic sounding 4.9-liter flat-12 engine. Horsepower was decent enough at the time, with 350 of them on tap. But faster cars made shortly afterward made it look weak by comparison. Clearly, someone decided to fix that.

A considerable amount of custom fabrication was needed in order to get the twin-turbo system in perfect working order. A custom carbon fiber engine cover was added, presumably to accommodate the new turbo system.

The drivetrain components of the stock Testarossa were not the strongest in the world, as Hoovie points out. But with 38,000 miles (61,155 km) on the clock, the car’s certainly seen its fair share of use throughout the years.

Barret-Jackson staff were kind enough to let Hoovie ride shotgun as they tootled around the event center and peruse some of the other highly valuable rides the show had on offer through the Ferrari’s windows.

Of course, he couldn’t help but ask the employee to do one hard pull. And if he could spot a few bucks for Hoovie to buy it, some things never change.

Be sure to check out the broadcast coverage of the Houston action starring Hoovie on the History Channel, and FYI, do that if you want to see more.