LEVC Announces Taxi-Like Electrified RV


The London-based electric car company is known for making taxis. But the firm is expanding into other areas as well, such as commercial vans.

The Geely-owned carmaker now goes even further. LEVC has released the first details about its upcoming e-Camper. To cash in on travel post-pandemic, e-Camper is based on VN5 and has a familiar design. However, it has rear side windows and a retractable roof that can accommodate two people.

In terms of interior, the model has an electric kitchenette and a second row seat that converts into a double bed. The rear seat also slides back to increase interior space, while the front seats can be rotated 180 degrees to look at the rear passengers. Other features include a central folding table and stylish wardrobes.

LEVC did not go into details, but confirmed that the van has an extended range drivetrain that “allows owners to take off the beaten track with no or limited charging infrastructure.” It promises to provide a range of more than 98 km for electric vehicles only, as well as a total flight range of 489 km.

While the company has shied away from details, expect a 1.5-liter petrol engine and a rear-mounted electric motor. It is powered by a 31 kWh battery.

It remains to be seen whether consumers will use an electrified van that resembles a taxi. The novelty will be well equipped with high quality features that can be tailored to a range of customer requirements. “

The e-Camper model will be launched later this year and will cost 73,000 euros excluding VAT.